The Best Books on Nutrition and Healthy Eating {To Read in 2020}

the best nutrition books 2020

Below is a list of the best books on nutrition that are new or coming soon to read in 2020. Make this year your healthiest yet! Educate yo’ self 😉

Our Top Picks for the Best Books on Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Our Top Nutrition Book Picks

Inflammation is a broad medical issue that affects a lot of people’s health.

In basic terms, inflammation is the body’s immune system response to something that is irritating it. 

This is a protective, healing response, but when it happens in response to every day experiences, it can cause disease and general feelings of being unwell.

  • feeling ill
  • fatigue
  • skin issues like rashes, psoriasis and eczema
  • muscle aches and pain
  • arthritis
  • gut health issues like irritable bowel and ulcerative colitis

Anti Inflammatory Diet Beginners Guide is the best nutrition book for beginners to learn all about the inflammatory response, how to combat it through diet, and how to feel more energized and healthy.

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I am personally not typically a fan of tricks like intermittent fasting. 

Any type of diet that makes you change the way you live and causes you to have to disrupt your life to maintain it is not sustainable to me.

However, I am also a believer in “if it works for you and you can sustain it, then it is a diet that works”.

Many people love the ease of intermittent fasting because when it is time to eat, they don’t have to restrict or watch what they are eating as closely all day long.

While I still believe that there are easier and more natural ways to eat, intermittent fasting techniques that encourage balance and positive relationships with food are the best side of IF.

In the nutrition book Feast, Fast, Repeat, Gin Stephens helps people learn how to make intermittent fasting a forever lifestyle where eating is just as important as fasting.

She covers the science, diet, and mental side of intermittent fasting in a comprehensive guide that is broken down into manageable and actionable pieces.

This nutrition book is more my style.

Learn the basics of investing in your health through steps you can take one-by-one and build upon to build a healthy lifestyle easily and sustainably.

Tricia Silverman pulls no punches. She calls out the fallacies and dangers behind popular fad diets like keto and Paleo. This is why I love this approach. 

No fads. No restriction. No BS. Just simple habits and actions you can take to improve your health based on what we already know works.

Read about how to safely transition off the keto diet without all the nasty side effects.

The Best Nutrition Book for Binge Eating help Binge Eating: Make Peace with Food 

Binge eating is the most common eating disorder.

The author, Simon Grant, is a recovered binge eater who helps walk you step by step through ending the binge cycle.

Simon addresses common misconceptions that prevent you from ending your bingeing behaviour. 

The reviews speak for themselves. Several people who suffered for years with binge eating found help with this nutrition book.

  •  “I used to binge. I had no self-control when the disease took over and I had no way of stopping it. I was helpless, and it took me some time to recover my life and heal my relationship with food and with myself.
  •  “This book puts it plainly and clearly. Very matter of fact straight talk from someone that has been there. The analogy of the PIG that is bullying finally hit a nerve with me. My whole life I beat myself up by my out of control eating and inability to stick to my eating plan. This book helped me see I did need to soothe something~ but it wasn’t my inner child. This book is worth every penny!”
  • “This book is a great book. I know how to eat right, exercise properly but I get stressed and let my pig take over. I never understood and now I do.”

Read more about Stress Eating, Bingeing and Restricting: Why You Do it and How to Stop

Intuitive eating is one of my favourite “trends” to come out of diet culture.

Intuitive eating is anti-diet culture. It is getting back to eating based on the natural signals our bodies are sending us about hunger, cravings, and fullness.

This can be difficult for people who have lost touch with what hunger and fullness feels like. Using a proper program is important to work through where you have been misled with repetitive dieting and falling off the wagon.

Learning how to get in tough with your natural signals is a skill that will last you a lifetime. 

the best books on nutrition to read in 2020
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The Best Nutrition Book for Independent Thinkers Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying BS

Positioning one food as superior to another lies at the heart of food bullying and marketing profits. Misleading marketing has made food an unnecessarily emotional topic where each choice is seemingly a moral statement or social movement.

This is such an important nutrition book if you want to be able to sift through the lies the industry is trying to sell you.

If you’ve been around this website at all you’ll know that I am not a fan of diet culture and how it manipulates people into believing the next big diet hype.

Keep your money in your pocket and learn to decipher fact from marketing fiction.

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This healthy diet book is more than just a book. The best books on nutrition don’t just preach, but teach.

 Emotional Eating is a comprehensive workbook that is meant to both teach and help you implement practices to combat emotional eating.

Just like binge eating, emotional eating is unrelated to physical hunger. It is a compulsive behaviour that requires effort to overcome.

The Emotional Eating workbook will help you do just that.

Here are some reviews that speak for themselves:

  • “Happier than I’ve ever been. This book changed my relationship with food completely.
  • As some who has struggled for years with an eating disorder, this book finally made me realize that diets don’t work and are, in fact, detrimental. I have been using the intuitive eating principles from this book for almost a year and no longer count calories or macros. I finally have food freedom!
  • You will know it is working because you will have triggers on every page. Keep with it, this book will help you!
  • I am a psychotherapist who helps people with eating disorders. I find this book very useful and require all my clients to get it. The first few introductory chapters are good for anyone who needs to understand their feelings better.

Low carb diets are very popular for weight loss. However, they are known to be  unsustainable.

Carbs can (and should) be a part of a healthy diet for most people. One strategy you can try if you love to eat carbs but also would like the benefit of losing water weight and increasing metabolism through manipulating carbs, this is one of the best books on nutrition to help you do that.

  • The background and research into carb cycling
  • Getting your metabolism right
  • Listening to what your body is saying
  • Implementing carb cycling
  • The value of eating the right foods
  • Creating a lifestyle through what you eat
  • Application
  • And lots more…

Read more about Low Carb Diets.

The best books on nutrition do not over complicate things. This is something Sarah Adler clearly knows well.

Simply Real Eating ignores the complex dieting strategies and fads and focuses on healthy recipes and mindset to simplify your diet and life.

The images alone in this book are a reason to buy it! Gorgeous settings and flat lays with delicious looking food that is also attainable to make at home.

the best nutrition books real simple eating

Clearly, I’m a huge fan  of meal prep.

However, it isn’t always so easy to start doing. It’s not always easy to know how to do it efficiently and affordably. 

This book helps you figure out how to begin meal prepping with time saving methods for weight loss and healthier diet. 

  • Everything you need to know about meal prep for the modern world
  • Why you should care about prepping your meals and how to get started
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of meal prepping to help you stay on track with your health goals
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you become a meal prep expert in no time
  • The ultimate guide to storing and reheating your prepped meals so they always taste fresh and amazing
  • Over 40 mouthwatering meal prep recipes that will blow your taste buds to pieces
  • …and tons more!

Make sure you come back here and try out some of my meal prep recipes!


The Best Healthy Diet Books for Kids Tips and Tricks To Become A Kid Food Explorer

This is one of the best nutrition books for kids because it actually teaches them about growing, making, and eating food from different cultures.

Instead of trying to teach kids about what “good” or “bad” foods are (please don’t!), teach them instead about how much joy real, healthy food can bring to your life.

“It covers a range of different food inspirations like; freezing popsicles, topping pizza, chopping ingredients, filling dumplings, blending smoothies, assembling salads and many more. Examples of the tools and tips that are included; recipes, ingredient lists, variations of foods, cooking processes and styles, knife selection and cutting technique, to name a few”. 

Teaching kids to explore food instead of fear or control it is a massive step in the right direction towards preventing unhealthy relationships with food.

kids cooking healthy diet books

The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting are part of the wave focused on autophagy.

It is the idea that our old worn out cells can be disposed of, helping the body function optimally.

For anyone interested in the reasearch being done on autophagy, this Complete Guide is one of the best books on nutrition that covers the topic from all angles.

The book covers the following:

  • What is autophagy?
  • Functions and variations of autophagy
  • Practical steps to actuate autophagy via ketosis, fasting  and exercise
  • The best exercises to lose weight and build muscle
  • Basics of water fasting and how to go about it
  • A step-by-step guide to getting keto-adapted
  • Foods that activate autophagy
  • How to fast, what foods break your fast, and what to eat while fasting
  • The importance of sleep while fasting
  • Common mistakes that hinder autophagy
  • Misconception about autophagy

The Best Books On Nutrition

Hopefully you’ve discovered a few books here to add to your wish list! Taking charge of your health starts with finding the best books on nutrition so that you can educate yourself to make healthy choices.

You’re worth it!

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