Are You Too Stressed To Lose Weight? Why You Could Be and How to Fix it

Most people have heard about stress hormones, particularly cortisol, causing weight gain or preventing weight loss, especially around the midsection. While being overweight is of course not something people should judge each other or themselves on and “fat shaming” isn’t cool, as a health professional, I will not ever agree to say that overweight and obesity are not a health concern.They absolutely are. And moreover, stress in and of itself, regardless of your weight, is very damaging to your health.

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Core Strength Exercises that Actually Work

Proper core exercises can help you say goodbye to back pain and weak pelvic floor muscles (no, you shouldn’t pee when you sneeze!). These are very common ailments that, with proper training, you can overcome while improving the overall strength and function of your whole body.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A New Workout Routine

Goals: fat loss, muscle growth, strength, general health & fitness Personality Type: easily bored vs. structure and routine Life Constraints: time, money Experience and Fitness Level where do you start when choosing a new workout routine? Whether you are a total beginner or you are Mark Wahlberg, there will be a time when you have to choose which workout routine to commit to. That is not always easy. Especially as a beginner or when you want to focus on a new goal and you don’t know where to start. Luckily, the solution can be found by taking a look at your…

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