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Inner strength is vital for a healthy life. We all know that physical strength and fitness are important but our mental and emotional health are what determines how we perceive our selves and everyone else.

We could be fit, sexy, lean, and strong and eat perfectly but if our mind is cluttered and our confidence is lacking, we won’t be able to appreciate what we have.

The cornerstone post for this category is

Self Care: Practices to Reduce Stress, Accomplish Goals, and Benefit Mind & Body

It provides a mountain of information on the different types of self-care. Find here all of the actions and methods you can apply to help improve your life within each category.

If you suffer from stress (who doesn’t!) and anxiety, like I do, then you will find the articles on tackling these issues very helpful.

Scientific backgrounds, studies, and information are always provided along with personal experience and anecdotal evidence. Actionable steps and tips are always provided so that you can make real, lasting improvements to your inner strength.

For Stress and Anxiety try these:

9 Unique Ways You Can Stop Ruminating and Anxiety in its Tracks

For weight loss and eating related to stress:

Stress Eating, Bingeing and Restricting: Why You Do It and How to Stop

Are You Too Stressed to Lose Weight? Why You Could Be and How to Fix It

Check back frequently to this category as these posts take longer to write and are published less frequently but will have the most impact on your life in the long term!

Stress Eating, Bingeing and Restricting: Why You Do It and How to Stop

We all know food doesn’t judge. Chocolate understands. Pizza comforts us when we’ve had a bad day without asking any stupid questions…. this is stress eating at its finest.

It’s not enough that stress prevents us from losing weight, it also can be the reason we turn to food to try and dampen and numb all those stressful, negative feelings we are experiencing.
Whether you struggle with  bingeing and restricting or simply overeating or poor food choices when stressed, read on to discover why you’re stress eating and how to heal your relationship with food.

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7 Ted Talks that Spark Confidence and Self Love to Radically Transform Your Life

Confidence and self love are two of the most challenging mindsets to work on. Life just throws so many emotional beat downs on us sometimes that we have a hard time feeling like we are really accomplishing what we want to… and then, the negative self talk sets in. These TED Talks can help you recognize your worth and build your confidence!

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Are You Too Stressed To Lose Weight? Why You Could Be and How to Fix it

Most people have heard about stress hormones, particularly cortisol, causing weight gain or preventing weight loss, especially around the midsection. While being overweight is of course not something people should judge each other or themselves on and “fat shaming” isn’t cool, as a health professional, I will not ever agree to say that overweight and obesity are not a health concern.They absolutely are. And moreover, stress in and of itself, regardless of your weight, is very damaging to your health.

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9 Unique Ways You Can Stop Ruminating and Anxiety In Its Tracks

Do you ever get completely stalled by obsessive thoughts, ruminating, stress and anxiety? Sometimes we just need to re-wire our brains For National Stress Awareness Month arm yourself with science-backed hacks or distractions to help end the cycle and get back to our day. Here is a list of 9 unique, proven ways to stop rumination and anxiety in its tracks.

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Representation of Women in the Media and Why it Matters

The biggest challenge we all face is to learn about ourselves and to understand our strengths and weaknesses. We need to utilize our strengths, but not so much that we don’t work on our weaknesses. – Mae Jemison

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