Air Fryer Egg Cups with Asparagus and Ham

Air fryer egg cups with ham, asparagus, and goat cheese, or use any ingredients you like! Simple, fast, and macro-friendly.

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The 8 Best Foods To Help You Lose Weight

As part of a healthy diet lower in calories than what you burn through activity each day, these foods can naturally help boost weight loss. Try adding these 8 foods to help you lose weight to your diet and see what works for you!

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Top Kettlebell Swings Benefits: Muscles Worked, Calories Burned, and More

Kettlebell swings benefits your cardiovascular and strength. They burn a ton of calories and are a full body muscle building exercise. Learn all of the kettlebell swings benefits plus other exercises you can do with a kettlebell.

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Creamy Dreamy Healthy Cheesecake

This healthy cheesecake recipe will blow you away. It’s amazing as a healthy dessert, snack, or breakfast cheesecake! Creamy filling using low-fat cream cheese and ricotta.

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How to Absolutely Crush Your Goals Using Healthy Habits Worksheets

Plan and track your goals with Healthy Habits Worksheets. Set realistic goals and build up to them using small habits that you track daily, weekly, and monthly. Customize the worksheets however you choose. Here’s how to use them for success.

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