20 Hilariously Funny Motivational Quotes and Memes for Fitness

funny motivational fitness quote meme

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. For those who like to laugh at themselves (and others) check out these hilariously funny motivational quotes and memes for fitness.

None of these funny fitness quotes or memes are meant to shame anyone or discourage you from doing cardio but… I clearly have a preference! 

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1. When the p(ass)t is behind you…

funny motivational quotes for fitness

2. When someone doubts you…

do it twice and take pictures funny fitness quote

3. When you’re not sure if you’ll ever walk again…

funny fitness meme

4. When you need a lil’ pep talk…

5. When you ain’t about dat cardio life…

6. When you feel that last rep strain…

last rep funny motivational fitness meme

7. When you wanna go deep…

funny motivational fitness quote squats

8. When your cardio is lifting weights faster…

9. When you’re sick of the haters…

all you do is workout meme funny fitness

10. When you need to get creative with motivation…

exercise in the morning fitness quote motivation

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11. When you’ve got those moves like Jagger, after leg day

swole sore fitness quote meme

12. When you don’t feel like sharing…

how many sets gym workout meme lifting funny

13. When you ate that salad that one time…

14. When you’re working on that spicy bod…

tacos diet funny quote

15. When you can do anything he can do bleeding…

motivational fitness meme funny women

16. When you’re sick of the impossible standards…

17. When he thinks you care about his opinion…

18. When you’re ready for that six pack…

19. When you’re in denial about adulting…

20. When you’re so over the gymtimidation…

blink if you want me gym meme
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Sharon Mullery

Thank you for the quotes. I’m never going to be you. I never really wanted to be you but I used to walk a lot (3 hour daily walk just for fun), never had a car (everything came into the house in a big rucksack including fruit trees and sacks of sand and cement for rebuilding the back wall) and have done lots of jobs that involved physical effort (I never ever want to measure a day by counting how many toilets I’ve cleaned – 27 in 2 churches, 3 building societies one over 4 stories – no lift, 2… Read more »

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