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Learn how to build physical strength in the strength training archives.

Get advice from a certified personal trainer who has been picking things up and putting them back down for over a decade. As a mom of four and busy entrepreneur, I know it’s hard to fit in fitness. I’ll give you real, practical advice to help you on your way.

I love helping people feel strong and worthy of taking up space. Muscle not only looks great but it helps you live in a functional and safe way. Strength training helps build bone density and prevents aging and injuries.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a New Workout Routine and feel free to jump to the Strength Training section. You’ll find a One Rep Max calculator there (see here for a more in-depth version) to help you begin programming.

If you are a newbie, start with the guide and then explore around. One imperative to strength training is to build a solid core as a foundation. Check out Core Strength Exercises that Actually Work.

Building strength and the inevitable muscle mass will help you boost your metabolism as well as craft beautiful curves that look great and let people know “I work out”.

If there is anything that you would like me to cover in this category, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me.

I provide online, personalized coaching as well if you would like to get in touch with me, I take on a small handful of clients at a time.

5 Middle Back Stretches to Relieve Pain Fast


Middle back stretches can help ease pain, prevent aches, and introduce mobility and flexibility to prevent future injury. Here’s some advice from a chiropractor for 5 simple middle back pain stretches you can do at home.

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Calisthenics Back Workout: 15 Powerful Exercises for All Levels

A calisthenics back workout can build lean, strong muscles in your entire core. Calisthenics back exercises use bodyweight, bars, bands, and rings, among other pieces of equipment allowing for your bodyweight to provide resistance.  There are several exercises that you can do to effectively hit every angle of your back, from the erectors to lats and rear delts, with very limited or no equipment!  Here we will outline some of our favourite calisthenic back exercises for all skill levels. From here, you can pick your favourites to create a calisthenics back workout to meet your goals and requirements.  Calisthenics exercises…

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The 25 Best Rear Delt Exercises for Epicly Strong Shoulders


Get an epic rear delt workout with this list of rear delt exercises, guaranteed to blast your delts to create strength, balance, and mass.

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25 Surprising Battle Ropes Benefits: Strength, Fat Loss, and More

If you’ve seen people using long heavy ropes at the gym and have wondered what are battle ropes good for, you’re in for a treat. Battle ropes benefits are vast and practically everyone can use them to improve their fitness. Battle ropes are another tool in the arsenal of popular functional fitness training.  “High-intensity functional training (HIFT) is an exercise modality that emphasizes functional, multi-joint movements that can be modified to any fitness level and elicit greater muscle recruitment than more traditional exercise. As a relatively new training modality,” (Sports Journal) This type of training in general helps to improve…

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Shoulder Supersets Workout For Round, Strong Delts


A shoulder supersets workout to blast your delts and get you nice rounded shoulders. Build muscle and blast through plateaus with shoulder supersets!

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