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Radical Strength’s Fitness Archives will provide you with top-notch advice from certified personal trainer Rachel MacPherson. With over a decade’s experience in lifting weights, designing exercise programs, prenatal and postnatal fitness, these articles will provide you with real, solid advice to up your fitness game.

Find workouts, how-tos, advice, practical know-how and more. Check out the one-rep-max calculator for help in designing a strength training plan.

You won’t want to miss the article The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a New Workout Routine which is a massive post written to help guide you through making a decision about which workout routine to choose based on your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

Inside this article is a variety of workouts for you to try at all fitness levels. There is information on dealing with stress, lack of time, and lack of money to work out. Feel free to use the links to jump to any section in the post that appeals to you. Make sure you bookmark it or Pin it to refer to later as it is full of advice for any point in your fitness journey.

Whether you are a newbie or a hardcore lifter, you will love this post. It is the cornerstone article on fitness here on

In the What I Ate Wednesday series, there are often workouts linked from Instagram or directly inside the post. Have a look there for some workouts Rachel did during those weeks.

Also be sure to check out Core Strength Exercises that Actually Work to find full core strengthening exercises and a workout circuit to help you function at your best and look great too!


The 5 Best Dumbbell Glute Exercises (Workout PDF)


Toned, tight glutes are a magnet to the eyes. You can do many dumbbell glute exercises, but only a few prove to give excellent results. The best part is you only need a pair of dumbbells.

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30 Day HIIT Challenge (Plus 8 Reasons To Do HIIT)


High-intensity interval training in any of its variations is a great way to train and will provide a wide range of benefits for those brave enough to really embrace this style of training. Try this 30 Day HIIT Challenge that builds up gradually so you can get fit in no time.

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5 Middle Back Stretches to Relieve Pain Fast


Middle back stretches can help ease pain, prevent aches, and introduce mobility and flexibility to prevent future injury. Here’s some advice from a chiropractor for 5 simple middle back pain stretches you can do at home.

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6 Ways to Incorporate Mobility Training Into Your Home Workout Plan


Mobility training has been a bit of a buzz term in the health and fitness industry lately, and for a good reason! Here’s how you can incorporate it into your home workout.

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Calisthenics Back Workout: 15 Powerful Exercises for All Levels

A calisthenics back workout can build lean, strong muscles in your entire core. Calisthenics back exercises use bodyweight, bars, bands, and rings, among other pieces of equipment allowing for your bodyweight to provide resistance.  There are several exercises that you can do to effectively hit every angle of your back, from the erectors to lats and rear delts, with very limited or no equipment!  Here we will outline some of our favourite calisthenic back exercises for all skill levels. From here, you can pick your favourites to create a calisthenics back workout to meet your goals and requirements.  Calisthenics exercises…

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